Storm Shelters

Storm Shelters

Designated Storm Shelters

Below is a list of the Storm Shelters for the City of Rich Hill as of 3/01/2017.

#1. Rich Hill Dome
320 E Popular
#2. Baptist Church
300 E Maple
#3. Methodist Church
221 E Park Ave
#4. Sweetwater Tabernacle
Plum & S. 6th Street


These facilities have been generous enough to offer their use as shelters in the event of     severe weather. They have provided us with a list of personnel to call to get the shelters       open. The City of Rich Hill does not guarantee that these facilities will be open dependent on the time we have to make contact with the personnel and how much advance warning   we have. We would urge you to make a plan prior to the time that a warning may occur,       such as a neighbor or relative with a basement or storm shelter, or in your own home if time does not allow you to seek other shelter.

The City of Rich Hill further does not make any claims as to the structural integrity of any of these facilities in their ability to withstand a tornado or life threatening wind event.

For more information on Basic Sheltering Rules and Outdoor Warning Siren Activation, click here.