As an additional service to the public, the City of Rich Hill has reproduced its ordinances online at this site. Although the City has made every effort to accurately reproduce the ordinances on this website, it cannot guarantee that no errors have occurred in this undertaking. Therefore, in the event of any discrepancy between the reproduction appearing below and the official ordinances on file in City Hall, the official records will control.  The official ordinances are available to the public for review and copying at City Hall.

0121-Vacating Alley 6th & Poplar

0137-Opening 5th Street

0169-Vacating Part of 8th & Almond Street

0262-Classification of City to Fourth Class

0454-Vacating Part of 10th Street-Pine & Elm

0603-Quit Claim Deed to D.M. Hughes

0607-Vacating Alley Block 71

0617-Licensing Billiard & Pool Tables

0624-Vacating First, Olive, & Part of Cedar, Fayette, & Chesnut Street

0662-Vacating Part of 13th Street

0670-Authorizing Purchase of Abstract & Perfection of Title

0672-99 Year Lease to United Commercial Co.

0692-Lutheran Cemetery

0704-Robinson Cemetery

0707-Vacating Portion Linden & 1st St.

0722-Firearms, BB Guns, Pellet Guns, & Explosives

0736-Contract with State Highway Commision-Hwy 71

0738-Grades of Roadways Relocated Hwy 71

0739-Vacating & Closing Portion Park & Maple Streets

0740-Prohibiting Signs Hwy 71

0786-Quit Claim Deed

0794-Est. Auxiliary Police Force

0797-Combining Existing Waterworks & Sewer System

0817-Vacating Alley Block 30 & 35 Sperry’s Addition

0822-Resolution No. Construction Grant

0824-Operation Motor Vehicles Upon City Property

0826-Resolution No. Grant for Sewer System

0827-Resolution No. Sewer System

0841-Resolution No. Quit Claim Deed-McCoun

0844-Vacating Northerly Half Blk of 15th St.

0847-Easement Agreement

0849-Resolution No. Application With Farmers  Home Administration

0854-Plumbing License

0858-Excavation License

0875-Quit Claim Deed-Smith

0916-Vacating Alley Between Blk 38 & 43 Sperry’s Addition

0917-Vacating Lynn St. Between 5th & 6th St. Sperry’s Addition

0923-Funds for Major Water Improvements

0931-US Air Force East of Town

0941-HB 322

0951-Kaysinger Basin Regional Planning Commision

0953-Secure Industry

0961-Election for Library Tax Levy

0965-Warrenty Deed-Briscoe

0968-Enable Police Officers-Emergency Outside City Limits

0993-City Health Inspector

1001-Quit Claim Deed Craigmiles

1003-Conveyance of Real Estate-Simpson

1004-Purchase of Real Property Lot 7 Block 75 in Original Town

1007-Annexation of Property Hwy 71

1029-Smoking in Public Areas

1039-Tax Collector

1041-Seat Belts


1063-Electric Utility Commission

1065-Vacating Alley

1070-Vacating Alley Block 165 Town Co.’s 1st Addition

1071-Vacating Alley Lots 6-9 & 1-5 Block 7 Glasgo’s Addition

1074-Vacating Annie Street

1080-Vacating Alley

1085-Bill No. 69 Drugs

1086-Possession of Marijuana

1113-Bill No. 94 Excessive Force

1114-Bill No. 95 Affirmative Action

1115-Bill No. 96 Fair Housing

1120-Bill No. 101 Wastewater Bond

1128-Bill No. 109 Annexation

1129-Bill No. 110 Garage Sale

1130-Bill No. 111 Annexation

1163-Bill No. 143 Wards

1164-Bill No. 144 Seal

1165-Bill No. 145 Littering

1170-Bill No. 150 Live Entertainment

1171-Bill No. 151 Offenses Against the Person

1172-Bill No. 152 Sexual Offenses

1174-Bill No. 154 Offenses Against Public Safety

1175-Bill No. 155 Offenses Against Public Morals

1177-Bill No. 157 Offenses Against the Administration of Justice

1178-Bill No. 158 Offenses Affecting Government 

1179-Bill No. 159 Repealing Code Book and Stating Active Ordinances of the City

1185-Bill No. 167 Refunding Water Bonds 52703

1197-Bill No. 181 Appointed Collector

1198-Bill No. 182 Sales Tax

1200-Bill No. 185 Truancy

1208-Bill No. 196 Bond Election for Water Project

1223-Bill No. 210 Annexation

1225 – Bill No. 213 Municipal Court

1227-Bill No. 215 Lease Purchase for Water Plant

1228-Bill No. 216 Lease Purchase for Backhoe

1230-Bill No. 218 Sales Tax

1233-Bill No. 221 Repealing Police Policy Manual

1234-Bill No. 222 Financing From Rural Development

1243-Bill No. 231 Park Avenue

1244-Bill No. 232 Wastewater Bond Refunding

1263-Bill No. 252 Telecommunications Tax

1273-Bill No. 257 Franchise Tax Gas

1288-Bill No. 274 Police Policy Manual

1289-Bill No. 277 Security Alarms

1294-Bill No. 282 Vacating a Portion of 12th St.

1303-Bill No. 294 Advance Agreement Ordinance

1304-Bill No. 295 Water Bond 603,000

1305-Bill No. 296 Water Bond 73,500

1308-Bill No. 297 Policy of Nondiscrimination on Disabilities

1311-Bill No. 300 Sprint Settlement Agreement

1312-Bill No. 301 AT&T Settlement Agreement

1313-Bill No. 302 Salvage Yard

1322-Bill No. 311 Vacating Sycamore Street 

1323-Bill No. 312 Vacating Alley Block 165 Town Co.’s 2nd Addition

1332-Bill No. 321 Streets

1341-Bill No. 330 AT&T Ordinance

1342-Bill No. 331 Vacating a Portion of Myrtle Street

1349-Bill No. 338 Alltel Tax Settlement

1354-Bill No. 343 MoDot 14th St.

1358-Bill No. 347 Rental of Equipment

1361-Bill No. 350 Wastewater

1364- Bill No. 355 Vacating a Part of Park Street

1365-Bill No. 356 Vacating Alley in Block 4 Glasgo Addn


1374 Truck Routes

1377 Renaming Rich Hill Ball Park

1380 Motor Vehicle Fee

1382 Vacating Alley in Block 164 2nd Addition

1384 Offenses Against Property Rights

1388 Bill No. 380 Business License

1393 Bill No. 393 Director of Public Safety

1397 Bill No. 397 Fireworks

1398 Bill No. 398 Cable Franchise

1407 Bill No. 407 Publishing Semi-Annual Finance Reports

1408 Franchise Tax – KLM Telephone

1410 Bill No. 410 Cold & Hot Weather Rule

1413 Bill No. 413 Budget FY 2014

1420 Bill No. 420 Vacating Portion of Linden Street

1422 Bill No. 422 Settlement Agreement With Century Link

1503 Bill No 503 Local Disaster Preparedness

1506 Bill No. 506 Acceptance of Conveyances

1525 Bill No 525 MODOT

1533 Bill No 533 Election for Elimination of City Marshall

1535 Bill No 535 Tampering with Electric Meters

1536 Bill No 536 Parks

1602 Bill No 602 President of the Board

1603 Bill No 603 Repeal City Marshall

1604 Bill No 604 Tampering with Water Meters

1606 Bill No 606 Hazardous Material Spill and Spill Recovery Costs

1610 Bill No 610 Bank Accounts

1613 Bill No 613 Bank Franchise Taxes

1614 Bill No 614 Chief of Police

1620 Bill 620 Repealing Auxiliary Police Force

1621 Bill 621 Municipal Court Relocation

1626 Bill No. 626 Abandoned Property and Junk

1628 Bill No. 628 Dangerous Building

1632 Bill 632 Electric Fee in Lieu of Tax

1633 Bill 633 Refuse Fee in Lieu of Tax

1634 Bill 634 Water Fee in lieu of Tax

1635 Bill 635 Wastewater Fee in Lieu of Tax

1638 Bill 638 Alcohol

1641 Bill No 641 Procurement

1642 Bill No 642 Repeal Work Rules and Procedures

1643 Bill No 643 Cemetery Violation Penalties

1645 Bill No 646 Fire Lanes and Fire Department Access Roads

1646 Bill No 647 Open Burn

1648 Bill No 645 Firemen & First Responders

1649 Bill No 649 Rural Fire Protections Services

1650 Bill 650 Major Traffic

1651 Bill No 651 Minor Traffic

1652 Bill No 652 City Clerk

1653 Bill No 653 Board Meeting

1654 Bill No 656 Use Tax

1655 Bill No 654 Weeds, Nuisances and Other Debris

1656 Bill No 655 Mobile Home and RV

1658 Bill No 658  Vendor and Farmer’s Market

1659 Bill No 661 Animals

1660 Bill No 662 Engineer

1661 Bill No 663 Use Tax Acceptance

1662 Bill No 664 Budget FY 2018

1663 Bill No 665 Electric

1664 Bill No 667 Refuse

1665 Bill No 668 Cemetery

1666 Bill No 666 Water

1667 Bill No 669 Quit Claim Deed for 109 S. 6th

1668 Bill No 670 Procurement

1669 Bill No 671 Vacating Portion of Alley Block 45 1st Addition

1671 Bill No 673 Net Metering

1672 Bill No 674 Contract with Alliance/Water & Wastewater Operation Agreement

1673 Bill No 675 Budget Amendments for FY 2018

1674 Bill No 676 Tax Levy 2018

1675 Bill No 677 Board Meeting

1676 Bill No 678 Conflict of Interest

1677 Bill No 679 Wastewater

1678 Bill No 680 Electric

1679 Bill No 681 Cemetery

1681 Bill No 683 Budget FY 2019